How to start business in Canada

How to start business in Canada

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Available from September 2023

Online learning on a schedule that suits your life, with flexible deadlines

*The course is available in two languages: English and Russian

This Course is for new business owners, who are considering to register their own business in Canada. We will teach you how to start and develop your business in Canada, what you need to learn about Canadian taxes for business owners.

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What do you need to know about business taxes

Top accounting software for small businesses, overview

Hiring and managing your first employees and subcontractors

Attracting new customers, effective promotion, and marketing channels in Canada

Website for your business


After this course completion you will get insightful understanding how to start and run a small business in Canada.

We`ll be happy to provide any further consultancy services and support to your business at any stage of it`s formation and shaping. 

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