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Training Course 4: CANADIAN TAX SYSTEM-T1

$695.00 PLUS TAX

Registration usually closes 24 hours before the course starts, or sooner if the course is full. 

Register early to secure your seat.


September 04, 2023 – October 23, 2023

Mon, Thu, 6pm – 8pm MST

Live Lessons via ZOOM

*We conduct this course in Russian with all the terminology, handouts, and slides in English.


30 total lecture hours and 20 total practice hours

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This Course is for individuals, who want to learn about the Personal Taxes in Canada; you will learn tax theory and get tax practice with us.


 Canadian Tax System Overview:

  • Personal Tax Forms and Information Tax slips
  • Types of Personal Income
  • Self-Employed Business
  • Rental Income
  • Investment Income
  • Personal Tax Credits and Personal Tax Deductions
  • Tax Software: TaxCycle
  • 10 Tax Returns, Real Practice

 After course completion you will be able to prepare Personal Tax returns for yourself, your family, and friends, gaining valuable tax preparation experience before your first clients start rolling in. If you are a bookkeeper looking to build your own business, this course is for you either.

We may provide practice during the tax period.

We`ll be happy to provide educational references for all our students.


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