How long do I need to study to start working as a tax consultant in Canada?2023-04-08T15:41:13-06:00

After each course we`re authorized to issue a Certificate of completion, we can also give you a recommendation letter upon request from your employer.

Each employer is looking for real experience – as a tax preparer you should practice preparing at least 30 personal tax returns to begin with. We`re already giving you 10 cases during the Tax course on various income, including self-employed cases! These courses are based on actual cases with various taxable income and deductible expenses.

Will I get a certificate?2022-11-20T13:39:41-06:00

After each course we`re authorized to issue a Certificate of completion to those students who successfully completed the course and homework assignments.

«Bookkeeping Skills for Change» program has been approved by THE PRIVATE VOCATION TRAINING ACT AND REGULATION ALBERTA.

Is it possible to watch all the lessons in recording?2022-11-20T13:43:50-06:00

Yes, we will be sending you recording links after each lesson, and we will keep the recordings on cloud for 2 more months after the course completion.

What makes our courses unique?2022-11-20T13:44:05-06:00

We conduct the courses in Russian with all the terminology, handouts, and slides in English.

Anyone who is not yet a confident English speaker can study with us.

We also answer any training related questions from our students instantaneously.

What is the main benefit of these courses?2022-11-20T13:44:29-06:00

These courses help our trainees to master Canadian bookkeeping processes and standards.

It`s a great tool to refresh, develop and upgrade your skills in this area.

We choose practical approach and provide useful examples, homework assignments, training in professional software.


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